Friday, July 8, 2011

4: A nod to Beyonce and nostalgia

I found myself awake at 6am today, ready to take on the world. Felt a little like Beyonce, who I learned shares the same favorite number compulsion as I do. 4. 4 is both Beyonce and I's favorite number. So it seemed only appropriate that I publish my first blog EVER on the 8th, which is a multiple of 4. Yeah, I am a little obsessed with 4's. But thinking back on it, how could I not be? A lot of my life has been surrounded by the number 4. My birthday, fortune cookies, names, license plates, and now Beyonce. It follows me around, a little reminder of good things to come. Maybe its a little OCD but like Elizabeth Taylor's white diamonds, it has always brought me luck. 

The last couple of days have been filled with nostalgia, kind of like a permeant state of being in a Heartland Series Episode (If your not Southern, google this) The beginning of my summer promised adventure and new beginnings, but settling into the dog days of July change and patience has been more of the frontrunner. 

So hopefully with my little piece of the worldwide web I can maybe let off a little of my big City steam and let my Southern Blonde hair down. 

So, Enjoy!!!!

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