Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Exercise creates endorphines, endorphines make people happy, and happy people just dont kill their husbands.

I realized the other day that I haven't taken a day of from exercise, physical activity, or any other kind of activity in the vain of staying trim in awhile. I realized this because, apart from dragging myself to yoga or the treadmill, I utterly have had no energy to even try on clothes at the H&M sale. I knew immediately something wasn't right. It could be the disgusting heat wave that the Eastern half of the United States is undergoing at the moment making even triathletes sluggish, but heat doesn't really get to me, I mean I do hot hot hot hot yoga. So I remember hearing awhile back about exercise addition. You may laugh, but its a real thing. I remember hearing an interview with Jake Gyllenhaal about his bout with being an exercisrexic. So, my name is Ashley and I am a exercisrexic. I mean I guess there are worse things to be addicted to.
Currently in my gypsy swag living I have discovered wifi in the 4th floor stairwell of my apartment building. There I am standing, because it looses connection if I sit down or move my computer the wrong way, in the steamy crazy hot stairwell feeling a little like a poor man's Carrie (Sex in the City, because I know some of you won't know) looking at the apartments across the way. Wondering about other persons' living spaces, and how they make their small spaces home. But they aren't gypsies like me I suppose. They are real people with real jobs and reality all around them. Sometimes I think that would be nice but mediocrity isn't what I strive for in life. Maybe thats why I am a exercisrexic. But I think back on it and really anything I have committed myself to, I have gone full balls to wall to achieve it. Some hobbies I have dropped after a week or so but mostly if I find myself passionate about something I become a rexic, so to say. Like for example I use to be a tanerexic, diet cokerixic, taco bellerexic, Starbucks vanilla frappacinorexice, shoppinrexic, lotsofcerealwithlotsofmilkrexic, cheererexic, and I am sure there are more but those are ones that stick out in my mind. All of these rexics came and went of course but to think about how obsessive I become about things says a lot about my character. Says, Hey I'm dedicated, and maybe a little crazy, but at least I exercise now:)

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